29 June 2020 (20:10)
Morgaroth will spawn today between 20:00 - 21:00 CET Time. He can be found inside the deepest demon caves.
22 June 2020 (21:48)
The new update that is long awaited will be released this week. The post will come just hours before the restart & release. We will keep you posted on discord.
20 June 2020 (17:21)
We noticed that the new client has a bug that will be fixed soon at the skills not showing correcly.
19 June 2020 (13:53)
Server needed to restart once again after the server save. Osera is back & running again with some minor adjustments.
18 June 2020 (20:53)
Tommorow the server will restart for the first time in a long time. Make sure to not have anything outside your own houses, couse the server is being cleaned aswell.
17 June 2020 (18:58)
We wish Everyone a Happy Mid-Summer's Eve. Also Happy Hunting on the Double Exp event.
15 June 2020 (10:09)
Osera World is planning to release a side-server. Based on the Stage 2 Paradise Village. Will be named Stage 2 RPG Edition. More info about this on our discord chanel.
29 April 2020 (13:44)
This next upcomming update 3.8 will be delayed just a couple of days more then usual time schedule for the patch. The update patch 3.9 will be released 20 days after the 3.8 patch. These 2 updates are the Final updates for Stage 3 Areas.
20 April 2020 (10:09)
PATCH 3.7 UPDATED. Bugs & Crashes is now fixed. New client don't get any more black screen or crash bugs anymore.
09 April 2020 (22:03)
Quick Restart to test some new Features for the next upcomming patch. Restart was at 22:00 CET Time.
02 April 2020 (17:58)
We have no fixed the Minimap save + Cooldown bar show on the new client. We advise you to download the latest updated version of the client.
02 April 2020 (00:06)
Ownership of your house can only be returned if you are online. You can now decorate and return items to your house.
30 March 2020 (18:06)
When the New Osera Client is 100% ready & finished. We wont support the old client anymore & after 10-20 days the old client wont work anymore to play on. We are tryin to get everyone to adjust to the new Client Update.
25 March 2020 (13:14)
The Forum Boards Page is 100% Fixed and Working. We ask everyone to post a reply there for some more activity. Kind Regards, Your Community Managers.
14 March 2020 (00:27)
We are sorry for all the issues with server off & on for sometime around the update. Finally done & released.
06 March 2020 (21:36)
We expect the new Patch 3.4 to be Released on the Mid-February with alot of more content & quests added on Osera World.
24 February 2020 (21:30)
3.23: Removed "Extra Def" from Imbuement Crystal & Added a Double Skill Token (1h) at the Daily Reward at Sundays, switched with Imbuement Remover that will be on Mondays. VIP System now also has 60 days to buy for 520 Points.
22 February 2020 (17:05)
System Restart Today. Server + Website will be offline from 17:10 + 17.30 CET at latest. We are sorry for this. But we are tryin to fix some lags + prepare for the small update today.
21 February 2020 (07:39)
We plan to release Patch 3.3 in Around 5-10 days. We are closing in to finish Half-Stage3 Content + Spells. Many Mini-Updates will take place aswell. Dont forget to Vote on the Poll Questions.
10 February 2020 (09:50)
We will release the new Patch 3.2 in the Mid-February. We also await an Event this upcomming weekend.
02 February 2020 (04:28)
Happy to announce that the Wikipedia's Creature Loot section is finished. Devon EK the new "Tutor" Support have finished it & will finish the wikipedia information once & for all.
30 January 2020 (08:00)
We just Restarted & made the final adjustments for Update 3.1. We just await to finish the Buddy System on 100% without errors & bugs. The system will be ready tonight. This is Patch 3.11.
21 January 2020 (19:28)
Osera World 3.04 is released & some smaller adjustments on some Houses & the Ultimate Vocations Regenerations is risen a bit & all Ultimate Potions now give more Mana+HP on each use. We have also fixed the Ultimate Recovery Potion 100% working
18 January 2020 (19:25)
The Double Skill & Magic Event was postponed 2 hours. We are sorry for this. This also means it will end on Monday 20:00 CET aswell. Get ready for Extended Double Skill & Magic Event.
13 January 2020 (06:56)
Mini Patch 3.02 has just been released & restarted. We fixed the stair to War Golems, The New Tasks at Tasker now shows on Quest Log. Mount Doll bug is now fixed for the final time & works perfecly. Big Boss Trolliver is now fixed aswell. Regards
12 January 2020 (23:37)
Mini Patch 3.01, All the best healing spells cooldown is now adjusted & All bosses at the new Stage 3 is fixed including Thalas. We fixed all potions for the Ultimate Vocation & Stage Teleporter now takes you to Stage 3 aswell. Restart: 23:50 CET
11 January 2020 (01:00)
Patch 3.0 has been postponed for 3 days now & it will be released today. January 11th 2020 we plan for Stage 3 Release. Get ready to explore!
07 January 2020 (07:39)
10 points is given to Halvemongool for reporting a minor bug at the Mount Doll. Report anytime if anyone notify an error.
05 January 2020 (01:16)
The New Year is Here & we would like to start it with hints about that Patch 3.0 is under progess. We cant say exacly when it will be released, but we hope within the next few upcomming days.
26 December 2019 (20:23)
Osera World 2.91 will be ready tommorow. Our Logo will be ready with the new custom client.
12 December 2019 (23:35)
The maximum level was risen by mistake & will be set back to 1300 as max as soon as possible until the next update
09 December 2019 (15:34)
Autoloot System on Osera is now 100% fixed & DONE. You can now add UNLIMITED ITEMS to your autoloot list.
03 December 2019 (16:32)
10 Days has past since the last Patch 2.4. We are currently working alot to finish the NEW update 2.5. We hope that it Will be released before the upcomming weekend.
28 November 2019 (09:16)
Osera World upcomming update 2.5 will be ready next week. Between 2 - 8th December. We hope that this is the final patch for Stage 1-2. We plan to release Stage 3 at update 2.6.
20 November 2019 (07:58)
OSERA WORLD UPDATE IS ALMOST HERE! We expect to release the new Patch in between 2-3 days. Stage 1-2 is almost finnished & we Can start with Stage 3 soon aswell.
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