This page is for you if you want more information about our Buddy System, we'll try to explain all benefits and perks you'll get if you become a Mentor or Buddy to someone.

This system is created in order to help newcomers in Stage 1, both players will be rewarded, the Mentor will recieve certain perks during the time of the buddyship.
Aswell as the Buddy, will recieve additional perks.

The buddyship works like this, if you are under level 600 you can select one of your character in the account management page and choose if you want to search for a Mentor.
If you search for a mentor, you will end up at a list on the Buddylist page, which highlevels can select a player they want to aid and become buddy with them.

A buddyship lasts for 5 days, during the 5 days the lowlevel (Buddy) needs to get level 600, if they fail to get the Buddy to level 600+ after the time ends, both parties will recieve a buddy cooldown and they will also loose all the active perks.

The perks for being in an active buddyship is currently this:
Class Explanation
Mentor (High level) Faster Regeneration (Health & Mana)
Buddy (Low level) Bonus Experience (0.5x)
Both the Buddy and the Mentor needs to be online at the same time to activate the perks.

To search for a Mentor, you need to be under level 600.
If you are under level 600, you can head into your account management page, then locate your character you want to search for a Mentor with from the character dropdown list.

Once you've selected your character click Submit and then this page will be visible:

Then if you want to search with this character you tick the checkbox "I want to search for a mentor" and hit Apply.

Your character will then be added to the Buddy List after a while, you can view the Buddy List by clicking here.

To join as a Mentor for a Buddy (low level), you can view the list of all Buddies looking for a mentor by clicking here.

When you find someone you want to help, you simply click on the Icon next to the name.
- This icon means he is still available for a buddyship.
- This icon means he is currently in a buddyship, so you cannot choose him.

Once you've selected a Buddy you want to Mentor, this page will show up:

Select the character you want to use as Mentor, after then Confirm your choice.

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