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War Plans
Required Level 150+
About He will ask you to get his stolen War plans back from the Bonelords that he stole from them in the beginning.
Location Talk to NPC Guardian outside Stage 1: Beginning Temple.
After that go inside the level 120 Teleport for Cyclops & Mad Scientists and walk through the area to the end where you can find a door for level 150+ with bonelords.
Walk around the whole cave until you find a map will all the War Plans & Report back to NPC Guardian after you found the War Plans.
Reward 1x Gold Token
Lost Watch
Required Level 650+
About NPC Dimitri at Stage 1 Beginning has lost his Watch somewhere at Stage 2, help him get his watch back!
Location All that we can say is that he passed the lizard village south of Stage 2: Paradise Village & dropped the watch somewhere, he could not remember! Search until you find it and report back to NPC Dimitri.
Reward 1x Imbuement Crystal
Stage 1: Beginning Quests
Required Level Location Reward
8+ Beginning Pannier Backpack, Amulet of Loss
8+ Orcs Eagle Shield, Knight Axe
50+ Ghouls Fire Sword, Elvish Bow, Glorious Axe, Skull Staff, Devil Helmet
120+ Cyclops & Mad Scientists Terra Rod, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Knight Armor, Blue Robe
150+ Cyclops Drones & Smiths Soul Stone
200+ Cyclops & Mad Scientists Bonelord Shield, Spellbook of Enlightenment, Dragon Robe, Greenwood Coat
150+ Doors: 150+ (Minotaur War) Griffin Shield
150+ Bonebeasts & Liches Knight Legs, Lich Staff, Modified Crossbow, Bright Sword
200+ Dragons Dragon Shield, Firre Axe, Magma Legs
200+ Wyrms Boost of Haste, Focus Cape, Composite Hornbow, Jewelled Backpack, Relic Sword, Hat of The Mad
Stage 1: Lavos Quests
Required Level Location Reward
300+ Bog Raiders Warrior Helmet, Terra Legs, Paladin Armor, Swamplair Armor
350+ Poachers (Door at Bog Raiders) Hammer of Wrath, Noble Axe
300+ Doors: 300+ (Minotaur War) Guardian Boots
300+ Heroes Crusader Helmet, Chain Bolter, Tower Shield
400+ Giant Spiders Mystic Blade, Plauge's Bow, Dragon Scale Mail
500+ Dark Apprentices Spellbook of Warding, Wand of Voodoo, Underworld Rod, Steel Boots
600+ Door: 600+ (To Stage 2) Blue Legs, Silver Token
Stage 2: Paradise Island Quests
Required Level Location Reward
600+ Underground at Addoner: 600+ Demon Shield
600+ Black Knights & Heroes Royal Helmet, Silkweaver Bow, Nightmare Blade
700+ Cults Lunar Staff, Arbalest
750+ Dragon Lords Dragon Claw, Dragon Slayer, Guardian Halberd
800+ Ancient Scarabs Hive Bow, Spellbook of Mind Control
800+ Hellfire Fighters Firewalker Boots, Justice Seeker, Blessed Sceptre
900+ Wyverns Dragon Scale Helmet, Zaoan Legs
Stage 2: Paradise Village Quests
Description Reward
Minotaur War Minotaur Trophy, Minotaur Backpack
Vampire Area Vampire Lord Token, Vampire Silk Slippers, Vampire Shield, Vampire's Signet Ring
The Causes Zaoan Armor
The Mountain Calopteryx Cape
Stage 3: Royal City, Lordy City, Shattered Isles Quests
Description Reward
Way to Stage 3 Broken Amulet
Amazon Camp Amazon Shield, Zaoan Helmet
Outlaw Quest (2 players) Royal Crossbow, Friendship Amulet
Behemoth Quest Metal Spats
War Golem Quest Mycological Mace, Mycological Bow
Ancient Tomb Quest Pharaoh Sword, Ravanger's Axe, Helmet of the Ancients
Orc Land Quest Warlord Sword, Muck Rod, Wand of Defience
Dwarf Quest Dwarven Helmet, Dwarven Armor
Grim Reaper Quest Skullcracker Armor
Infernalist Tower Quest Bonfire Amulet, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Warlock Tower Quest Voltage Armor, Golden Armor
Phantasm Quest (2 players) Nightmare Shield, Death Ring, Koshei's Death Amulet
Defiler/Plague Quest (3 players) Gill Gugel, Prismatic Boots, Great Shield
Dark Apprentice Quest Spellbook of Vigilance, Magician Hat
Hunter Quest Divine Plate
Gladiator Quest Lavos Armor
Earth Elemental Quest Dragon Scale Boots, Lucky Clover Amulet, Gill Coat
Pits of Inferno Arcane Staff, Warsinger Bow, Demonrage Sword, Spellbook of Ancient Arcana, Shield of Honour, Broken Ring of Ending, Backpack of Holding, Soft Boots
Demon Helmet Quest Demon Helmet, Void Boots, Tempest Shield
Annilathor Choose Between: Demon Armor, Stonecutter Axe, Demon Legs, Teddy Bear
Pirate Island Pirate Boots
Stalker Tower 8 Crystal Coins
Royal City Quest Sacrifice: Rat God Doll, for Stage Teleporter
Warlock Annilathor Choose Between: Voltage Armor, Rainbow Shield, Elven Legs, Glacial Rod, Wand of Everblazing, The Devileye
Demona Quest Void Shoes, 35 Gold Tokens, 10 Boss Tokens
Ferumbras Citadel Quest Ferumbras Doll, Ferumbras Shoes
Plague Quest 10 Magic Eggs, 10 Distance Eggs, 10 Axe Eggs, 10 Sword Eggs, 10 Club Eggs
Lordy Island Quests Molten Plate, 30 Crystal Coins, Feedbag. 10 Silver Tokens, 10 Gold Tokens.
Stone Devourer Quest Jade Hammer, Dragon Scale Helmet
Forgotten Crypt Quest 50 Crystal Coins, 25 Bronze Tokens
Pits of Inferno Access Quest Sacrifice all Poi Boss Items. Piece of Massacre's Shell, Imperors Trident, Mr Punish Handcuffs, The Handmaiden's Protector, Dracola's Eye, Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear, The Plasmother's Remains.
Djinn Towers Quest Djinn Lamp, Djinn Blade
Fury Dungeon Fireborn Giant Armor
Zombie Dessert Quest Shruken Head Necklace
Inquisition Quest Snake God's Wristguard, Prismatic Legs, Prismatic Shield, Moon Backpack, 100 Crystal Coins, Inquisition Teleporter.
Lazarus Kingdom Quest Gearwheel Chain, Horned Helmet
Azerus Quest Yahalari Leg Piece, Yalahari Armor, Yalahari Mask
Stage 3: Roshamuul (VIP) Quests
Description Reward
Ferumbras Ascension Quest (5 players) Ferumbras Teleportation Rod, Ferumbras Ascension Amulet, Umbral Crossbow, Umbral Slayer, Umbral Chopper, Umbral Hammer, Umbral Spellbook
Stage 3: Port Jungle (VIP) Quests
Description Reward
Draken Quest (2 players) Master Archer Armor, Elite Draken Mail, Royal Scale Robe, Jade Hat
Banuta Quest (3 players) Blade of Corruption, Skullcrusher, Greenmind Raiment, The Ironworker
Medusa Tower Quest Addoner Doll, Mount Doll, Greenheart Hauberk, Medusa Skull, 5 Ultimate Recovery Potions
Deeper Banuta Quest Carapace Shield, 5 Boss Tokens
Draken Wars Quest 50 Gold Tokens, Royal Draken Mail
Stage 5 Quests.
Description Reward
The Quest for Heroes. (REBORN) Sacrifice 5 different volumes of the mystic secrets of Osera.
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